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Watch fabelwerk No. 34:  

Triple Bottom Line

Watch fabelwerk No. 51: National Holiday: An experience of communion on the Western edge of the Navaho Nation—replete with with wisdom figures and shepherding dogs to keep watch.

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Plywood Portraits

Nathaniel's Nevertheless

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Wes Pate, Les Vos


Art Direction • Brand Development • CNC Routing • Documentary Film  • Graphic Design • Metal & Wood Fabrication • Plywood Portraiture • Restoration - Auto, Marine, RV

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Dutchman's VW Beetle Build

Brother Andrew

As a craftsman, designer, and media producer
I chase tales of human interest— believing that

a story well-told follows the life well-lived.

Count on fw2 to find the promise in yours.

flywheel fabelwerks (fw2), a Kentucky-based design
and fabrication studio in rural Burgin, has retrofitted
R. Noel's 1950 carpentry shop and reclaimed
the hand-built space for a new season of creative

service in the heart of the Bluegrass.

•  Art Direction
  Brand Development
•  CNC  Routing
  Documentary Film Shorts
•  Graphic Design
  Metal and Wood Fabrication
•  Plywood Portraiture 
  Auto, Marine & RV Restoration

Watch fabelwerk No. 62:  Demo Reel  for a frame-by-frame fabelwerk featurette.

Watch fabelwerk No. 41:  Stepping Up to Serve: Libby Rockaway's take on training dogs to serve persons affected by diabetes.

   Watch Fabelwerk No. 23: 

Ellen's Dream

Handcrafted Hardwood Solitude Chair
Cherry, Oak, or Walnut